Since 1990 ALZ designs and manufactures air cooled heat exchanger units and heat exchangers with bare and finned tubes as well.

As a modern, medium sized company we do not only have the required know-how but are also very flexible in handling our projects. It is always our primary goal to meet the requirements of our customers.

We concentrate all working steps from engineering to the fabrication of our heat exchangers at a single location. Our office and workshop are located in Dorsten, Germany. With our in-house fabrication we have a high flexibility and the best possible means to secure delivery dates. For our customers the quality of our work as well as the fabrication progress is transparent at all times.

Our goal to always deliver the best possible quality is documented and assured through our own quality management system which is certified according DIN EN ISO 9001.

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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

· heat exchanger bundles
· fans
· steel construction
· assembly
· auxiliary equipment

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· finned tube heat exchangers
· for industrial applications
· as plant components


Our engineering services always comply with the requirements of our customers. They range from the thermal and mechanical design to the complete calculation-, construction- and manufacturing-documents. Also included are all clarifications with the appointed notified body.

We specially focus on consulting services regarding thermal and mechanical design engineering.
The compliance with national and international standards as well as customer specifications is considered mandatory.

We solely work with professional design and CAD software such as HTRI Xchanger Suite and Autocad Inventor.
The effective organization of our engineering departments with short response times and a close co-operation with our customers ensure the highest possible efficiency from the start.


The satisfaction of our customers is always a priority to us. To ensure the quality of our products the fabrication of our heat exchanger bundles is carried out completely in our workshop in Dorsten, Germany. The machines and equipment for tube finning are in-house developments.

The proximity of our fabrication to our engineering departments guarantees a close co-operation among each other.

The focus of our fabrication lies on an optimized execution of the welding procedures on the pressure bearing parts. Separated processing of carbon steel and stainless steel is mandatory for us.

By using state-of-the-art welding procedures we ensure a constantly high fabrication-quality.
All our welders are certified according the applicable regulations. This goes also for the applied welding procedures which include GTAW-, GMAW-, SAW- and SMAW-welding. Comprehensive non-destructive testing supplements our quality standards.

Quality Management

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our quality management system was established in 1992. It was first certified according DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1994 and is continuously supervised. This provides us with the measures to keep our quality standards at a high level.

The work routines within the company are described in our quality management manual in the form of processes, procedure-, work- and testing-instructions. This forms the basis for the daily work of our employees, who are regularly trained in the sense of our quality management system.

We consider it of great importance that we establish an intensive contact with our customers. That makes it possible for us to react fast and reliable to customer’s requests. Thereby we guarantee that all requirements concerning the materials used and the general fabrication of our products are met.