The requirements defined by our customers call for different types of heat exchangers and plant configurations. Our range of products therefore comprises the delivery of single heat exchanger bundles as well as complete units including heat exchanger bundles, fans, steel construction and various auxiliary equipment.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Process cooling with air as cooling medium is used successfully in many industry branches and becomes more important with steadily increasing costs for cooling water. At locations where cooling water is not available it is often the only possibility for the cooling of process streams. Our engineering departments place their know-how for the thermal and mechanical design of complete air cooled heat exchanger units at your disposal. Design and construction are carried out according national and international standards as well as customer specifications.

Following our customers demands our scope of supply of air cooled heat exchangers includes

  • heat-exchanger bundles with
    • welded bonnet headers,
    • removable cover plate headers or
    • plug-headers
  • horizontal, vertical, A-frame or V-frame arrangement
  • axial fans in forced or induced draught installation
  • complete steel construction with ladders and walkways
  • auxiliary equipment such as frequency converters and control cabinets
  • erection on site and commissioning support

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ALZ heat Exchangers as plant components

ALZ-heat-exchangers are used as plant components for the heating and cooling of gas streams.

The used materials can be carbon steel, various types of stainless steel and duplex materials. Therefore the heat exchangers can be used for a variety of applications. Among them are the heating of air and flue gas in power plants and waste-to-energy facilities as well as airheating in drying plants. Heat recovery from flue gas is another possible application.

As heat transfer medium usually steam, thermal oil or water are used. ALZ-heat-exchangers are customized according to the individual requirements of our customers. A variety of tube types (finned and bare tubes) are available. For smooth integration into the plants the heat exchangers can be built with different casing options. Among them are airtight casings with flanged connections to air ducts and types with enlarged tube sheets for installation into existing casings. Transition pieces for the intersection from the heat exchanger face area to existing air ducts can also be included in our scope of supply.